Application Fees in July will support COVID-19 Relief in our communities

July 1, 2020

We are thrilled to announced that Living Well Homes will be matching application fees in July to directly benefit COVID-19 Relief in our communities. While our application fees customarily go towards running all the necessary qualifying checks that validate an applicant, this month we have decided to match these fees – $45 an applicant – to support what matters most: the sustained recovery of our communities.

This month at Living Well, the next step in securing your new home goes a long way. Join us in our July Donation Drive* to support the following four charities near and dear to our hearts:

The AZ COVID-19 Relief Fund

  • Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to front-line medical personnel
  • Supporting food banks, homeless shelters, domestic violence facilities, and other services
  • Subsidizing costs for low-income students for technology enabling them to transition to online learning

Greenville County COVID-19 Response Fund

  • Providing food, shelter, childcare, sanitary and hygiene supplies 
  • Supporting at-risk children and families, hourly wage earners, workers in the gig economy, older adults, people living with disabilities
  • Subsidizing mental health resources

Greensboro Virus Relief Fund

  • Supporting local food banks
  • Providing shelter to residents who have lost their homes due to the virus or from domestic abuse crises
  • Subsidizing mental health services
  • Providing financial assistance to small businesses and at-risk individuals

All Together NM Fund

  • Providing basic and emergency food and shelter
  • Subsidizing physical, mental and behavioral health services
  • Providing COVID-19 related medical supplies such as PPE and childcare for essential workers
  • Purchasing necessary materials (from diapers to learning devices) for children



*Valid from 07/01/2020-08/01/2020. For more information, please contact feedback@livingwellhomes.com. Living Well Homes will match application fees up to $10,000.00 benefiting the outlined charities above.