Greener Living: Heatwave Edition

Heat Wave

June 28, 2016

When the heat never seems to die down, it’s important to find ways to keep cool without wasting too much electricity. Here are a couple tips to beat the heat in your apartment when the blazing sun won’t stop shining.

Shut the Lights, Keep it Dark

Before leaving to work in the morning, don’t forget to close your blinds. With your blinds or curtains open, the heat that gets in through the window creates a greenhouse effect in your apartment and can significantly increase the temperature of your room. Shutting off your lights can also help to reduce the temperature of your room as some lights can give off a significant amount of heat.

Check your Windows and Doors

Make sure your windows and doors can be securely shut as these can be a major source of heat transfer into your apartment. If your doors or windows can’t be fully shut and lock, fill out a maintenance request to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Create a Makeshift AC Unit

If you have a fan in your apartment, fill a couple glasses or bowls with ice and place them behind the fan. The ice will cool the surrounding air and the fan will circulate the cold air through your apartment!

Eat Right

Stay away from foods that will increase your metabolic rate such as fatty and protein-rich foods. When your metabolic rate increases, the extra work that your body is doing increases your body-heat production. To control your temperature from the inside out, try lighter protein-rich foods such as nuts and fish, and eat lots of veggies as they help to slow digestion and take less energy from the body.