A Green Valentine’s Day?

Heart Coffee

February 2, 2017

When you think of Valentine’s Day, the colors that come to mind are vibrant red and cutesy pink, but we thought we should consider having a greener Valentine’s Day this year. Here are a few ways you can “turn up the heat” with your loved one, while saving energy:

  • Turn the lights down low: Set the mood in your apartment by turning off the overhead lights. Adjust the blinds for ambient light, or use a strategically placed lamp with a lower watt bulb or dimmer. Dining by candlelight might sound cliché, but this classic move really sets the scene for romance.
  • Swap your oven for the slow cooker: This “set it and forget it” way of cooking saves time, effort, and energy, allowing you to cozy up on the couch with your loved one, instead of bustling around the kitchen. Your sweetie will certainly appreciate the heartwarming gesture of a home cooked meal, too.
  • Turn off the TV: Make your time together special by turning off the TV and other electronic distractions. Share stories, play a game, look at old photos, or have a heart to heart to make your time together more memorable.
  • Liquify your Valentine chocolates: Forget the bonbons. Valentine’s eve, turn down the heat in your home a degree or two and make some gourmet hot chocolate with all the fixings or a dash of your favorite dessert liquor. Give your sweetheart one more reason to cuddle up together under a big blanket, and your personalized sweet beverage is icing on the cake.

We hope we’ve inspired you to turn on the romance while still showing some love to your planet! Wishing all our Living Well Homes residents a Happy Valentine’s Day!