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A Green Valentine’s Day?

February 2, 2017

Heart Coffee

When you think of Valentine’s Day, the colors that come to mind are vibrant red and cutesy pink, but we thought we should consider having a greener Valentine’s Day this year. Here are a few ways you can “turn up the heat” with your loved one, while saving energy:

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Greener Living: Heatwave Edition

June 28, 2016

Heat Wave

When the heat never seems to die down, it’s important to find ways to keep cool without wasting too much electricity. Here are a couple tips to beat the heat in your apartment when the blazing sun won’t stop shining.

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Keeping it Green, Even if the Leaves Don’t

October 28, 2015

Couple Relaxing At Home Watching Television

Welcome back to the Greener Living Blog! This summer was a good one, but we have some chilling news… autumn has come.  Yes it is true, the season of dropping temperatures, cool breezes and fall jackets is upon us.  As we make the transition from iced coffee to warm tea and shorts and sandals to no shortage of scented candles it’s important to remember that our homes must adapt to the changing seasons as well.

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